The Almighty God and His creation including all things in existence known and unknown, constitute Brotherhood. In other words, Brotherhood means God, Christ, angels, people, fishes, animals, birds, insects, trees, forests, grasses, creeping things, etc. It means the ground on which we walk; the sky, water, wind, moon, sun, and the stars.
Brotherhood means love and oneness. Read more in The Everlasting Gospel volume1 chapter 5 (EGv1:5)


'Cross' is very small, light and also heavy. Cross means bearing another's burden without complaining, tolerating all kinds of sinners including, murderers, thieves, backbiters and so on. For the world to be in perfect peace, each of us should accept to carry the cross. To be able to carry the Cross you must resign yourself completely to God. You must be loving, humble and patient. "Anybody who wants to follow me but does not want to take up the Cross after me cannot be my follower." Read more in The Everlasting Gospel volume 1 chapter 6. (EGv1:6)


The Star is Christ. The Star is the glory of God. It is the hidden name to people in the world. The Star indicates the reign and the glory of Christ. The Star means the brightness of God that governs the universe. There is no other monarch other than Christ, the Star. Therefore, it is not just enough for any person to be as Brotherhood and only carry the Cross. To be worthy children of the Kingdom of God we must be of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. The Star indicates those who will rule and are ruling with God. Read more in The Everlasting Gospel volume 1 chapter 6. (EGv1:6)