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How many ate the bread of sorrow this morning? You mean you did not lament this morning? All those who believe in Him; there will be no lamentation for you.


Spiritual chorus (Efik): Spirit di oh! Di nam utom k’idem ikot fo, siono nkan ofong idem sin ne obufa.

Translation: Come O! Holy Spirit. Come and do your work in the lives of your children.

Let us hear our first lesson once again

First lesson: John 5:30

Who made that statement? Our Lord Jesus Christ made that statement. You who claim you are a self-made man, can you make that statement? Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “As I hear, I obey”. You cannot obey, instead you gossip; you claim you do not have the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit is available to all. If you allow the Holy Spirit to lead, instruct and direct you, you will be beaming with smile. The last spiritual chorus is about lamentation but when you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, there will be no lamentation for you.

This is my advice, take it and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Most of you are floating; you float because you disobey Him. Do you want to keep floating? When you obey Him, you will never float. When the Holy Spirit is leading you, you will not need advice from anybody because the Holy Spirit will direct you. I said I do not want anybody to float, so take my advice because you cannot get it from anywhere else; allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and all will be well with you.

Most of you like learning things the hard way; how much does the Holy Spirit cost? It is free. When you keep yourself clean, He will come to you. You cannot buy the Holy Spirit, just keep yourself clean. See how you spend money on visioners for solutions to your problems, why not give that money to the poor? Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and you will not have any problem. Remember, you have to practice pure religion; instead of spending on visioners who will not know what to do with the money, give it to the poor and needy and you will be blessed for it. Keep yourself clean and the Holy Spirit will come into you to lead, direct, protect and make you rich. I do not mean the wealth you will acquire for a temporary base; when you have the Holy Spirit, you will be rich forever.

Spiritual chorus (Efik): Kpan utong nno spirit fo man udu nam mkpo ke ntime ke ntime.

Translation: Listen to your spirit so that you will not do things inappropriately.


Brethren may we hear second lesson again

Second lesson: Matthew 26:39

What is that telling you? If you obey His words, He will always manifest in you because the will of God must always come to pass. You must listen to the Holy Spirit alone. Here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, we do not listen to man, trees or stones, we only listen to God because with Him, everything is possible. When you have the Holy Spirit, your enemies will always go ashamed.

Why must you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you? You must allow the Holy Spirit to lead you because with the Holy Spirit, you do not behave anyhow, you do not talk anyhow; you talk with grace. Dear brethren, this is it, you must change. How many want to be led by the Holy Spirit? So be it.

Let us hear our golden text.

Golden text: Psalm 127

Now you see why you must allow the Holy Spirit to lead you? If you do not have the Holy Spirit, you are empty and floating but if you have the Holy Spirit in you, you are solid and nobody can shake or move you. That is why when He says “Move”, you move and when He says “Stay”, you stay. I am sure you remember Samuel and Prophet Eli. At night, Samuel heard a voice, he thought his master was the one calling him so he went to his master and his master told him that he did not call him. He heard the voice the second time and went to his master, that was when the master reasoned that maybe God wants to speak to him and he told him to go back to sleep that if he hears the voice again he should say, “speak lord, I am listening”. Samuel went back to sleep and the voice came to him again, he answered and God spoke to him. The same thing will happen to you; in fact it will happen to you today.

Spiritual chorus: When Olumba says move; you move. When He says stop; you stop.


With that spiritual chorus, I am stepping down.

A stroke of cane is enough for the wise. Let those who have ears, hear. May He alone bless His holy words. Amen




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