Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

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FIRST LESSON: Romans 8: 16

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.

SECOND LESSON: Matthew 7: 1-2

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

GOLDEN TEXT: Romans 15: 1-2

We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

Let every one of us please his neighbour for his good to edification.



Spiritual Chorus: The Spirit itself beareth witness with a spirit that we are the Children of God.



How many Children of God are here? How do you know that you are a Child of God? How does God know you are a Child of God? Is it just to claim that you are a Child of God and say your hands are pure and you are only human, especially when you are lamenting. God knows you and you cannot hide from Him for He knows you are a Child of God. You can now understand why He took out the Spirit of bondage from you so that there will be no fear in you. He did not give us the Spirit of bondage but the Spirit of adoption because we are His Children so that when we stand and shout “ABBA FATHER” , He will hear us. Now shout “ABBA FATHER” I am standing in the stadium and I want to hear you.

How many times did you shout “ABBA FATHER”? Is it a hundred or one hundred and fifty times? You will live up to 150 years old. As you call on “ABBA FATHER”, all your problems have been solved. As you call on “ABBA FATHER”, all your heart's desires have been granted. As you all on “ABBA FATHER”, all your enemies have been put to shame. As you call on “ABBA FATHER”, there will be no more sorrow, weeping and lamentation for you. As you call on “ABBA FATHER”, He has given you peace and joy. As you call on “ABBA FATHER”, that sickness that was disturbing you, He has taken it away.

So you see, ABBA FATHER is always looking out for you, anywhere you go, He is always there for you and wherever you are, He is with you. How many here listened to Christ Ambassador Joel’s testimony during the morning devotion?

He said he was travelling to Cameroon and of course the sea got rough and everybody were calling and shouting for their dear lives but he called on “Olumba” O.O.O and as he called, he said a fish came out of the water and hit him on the back. The fish came to greet them and according to him; there was a Pastor from another Church that who had insulted him, so this pastor immediately went for the fish because it was a beautiful fish. The man wanted to own the fish as his catch for the day so Christ Ambassador Joel took the fish from him and told him, do you know this man? Don’t you know it’s an agent of God? He spoke to the fish and promptly returned it back to the Sea. Immediately the fish went inside the Sea, everywhere became calm.

Is that not ABBA FATHER? Anywhere you call on Him, He will answer you. It is just for you to know when He comes to you because if the Christ Ambassador did not listen to his spirit, that it wasn’t an ordinary fish and had allowed the Pastor to harm the fish, they would have perished. Those of you who like eating fish would have fallen. You would have caught the fish and probably have intentions of eating it when you get to Cameroon, don’t you know you will be eating God? How many here have eaten God? It did not end there, as soon as they landed; twelve people said they were ready for baptism.

So you see, we are the Light of the world that is why wherever you go, you must radiate the Light of God in you so that the world will see and come to Him. You claim God is not seeing you, He sees you wherever you are even when you are going to a native doctor, he sees you to know whether you are a true Child of God because Children of God do not go to native doctors. Even when you are planning evil, He sees you so that you can come out from evil and when you do that, He will be with you. He knows all your tricks and that is why He is the trick Master. The Bible says that God is not mocked; you cannot deceive Him, that is why you must surrender yourself to Him so that He can use you. When you look around you and you did not see anybody and you go ahead to commit crime, He sees you but He will not stop you except if the crime will affect His child, then He will manifest Himself and stop that crime.

He is always there with you, be in the position to listen to Him; hear His words and put them into practice and He will never leave you alone, He will always give you the Holy Spirit to instruct, lead and direct you. Look at the testimony of Choir, he always listen to his spirit, even though he is travelling and his spirit tell him to alight, he will and before you know it, something bad will happen to that vehicle. This is also the reason why he does not fly but from today, the Father has given him the permission to fly by air.


How many have heard that lesson? All the judges are here, He is telling us not to judge because whatever judgment you give to someone is waiting for you. That is why He is telling us today to come out of evil because whatever evil you do to someone is coming to you and you cannot escape it. If you kill somebody, death is coming for you and you will not escape it. Don’t you know we are one? The person you are killing is your brethren and all are created by God; so whoever you harm the same harm is coming to you. I do not care the churches you attend or the language you speak, we are all one and so whatever harm you do to someone will come to you. Do good always so that goodwill will come to you.

Around the end of year, a certain church goes out in the night to sing and dance. There was a certain young man who did not like the church so he planned to throw his faeces at them anytime they pass and he did. Where did the faeces land? It landed on his mother’s face. So you see, whatever evil you do, comes back to you.

Dear brethren, you must know why you are here on Earth, you are not here to commit crime or evil but you are here to serve Him. If you do not serve Him, your stay here on Earth is useless but if you serve Him, He will continue to bless you. What is Pure Religion? Everybody is shouting that their religion is the best but what is it all about? Is it for you alone? Pure Religion is helping the sick, the needy and those who cannot help themselves.


You thank God that you have good health, money, power and connections. Have you ever wondered why He gave all these things to you? When was the last time you offered help to the poor or put a smile on people’s faces? When you see somebody stranded, don’t you say it is the sin of the person’s parents? Put smile on people faces; help the poor and needy and he will continue to bless you for it.

The whole Cameroon is engulfed with happiness ; before last week, they were weak, the whole members went home because no one was there to help them but a team from here including; Christ Ambassador Joel, 144,000 Virgin Sis Nsikak, SCS Iyango, TCW Effiong and SCS Innocent went there with the Spirit and the Spirit touched their spirits, even non-members came and one testified about the greatness of the Father. Some of the members only by touching the soutane of the Christ Ambassador and the 144,000 virgin received instant healing and you think God is not glorified?

Go out there, do not stay here in Ambo, go out and give people Peace because there are many people waiting to receive this peace. It is not only Christ Ambassador Joel and 144,000 virgin Nsikak that you will touch their soutanes and receive healing; even you, your smile can give somebody joy as far as you are with God so that when you call on ABBA FATHER, he will answer you. Why did you think the people of Cameroon were dispirited? Are there no worker of God there? They engage themselves in evil practices; that is why He said we should come out of evil and be useful to Him. In those days when the disciples were moving from one place to another, people sold their properties and followed them; same thing happened in Cameroon, when the team sent was there, people followed them, they even wanted coming back with them, two of their representatives are even here.

Your jobs are not to sit here and quarrel but to let your light shine because God must be glorified. Do not hide that light, put it on top of the mountain so that people will see and glorify Him and you that shone the light will be blessed. The strong are supposed to take care of the weak but here, you will see the strong begging. As soon as they see a rare visitor, they give them vision just to enter their pockets. Can’t you look for something and do? You beg until you will beg a sick man, he will give you out of happiness and the sickness will leave him and enter you. Where is the money you have got from begging? What have you done with it? You claim you beg to survive, why don’t you come out of it and use your hands so that you will be blessed for it.

The Bible confirmed it, that it is better to give than to receive. You on the receiving end, you are losing while you on the giving end, you are gaining and you will be blessed for it.


Spiritual chorus: Joy in my heart I have seen a new day, thank you papa.


Dear brethren with that spiritual chorus I am stepping down.

A stroke of cane is enough for the wise; let those who have ears, hear. May He alone bless His holy words. Amen



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