Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

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First Lesson: Matthew 19:21

Second Lesson: Romans 11:11

Golden Text: Matthew 10: 37




Introductory spiritual chorus: nyam se afo enyenede tiene obong (sell all you have and follow God)


Dear brethren, may we hear our first lesson once again

First Lesson: Matthew 19:21

Those texts constitute our new food. So, how many sitting here have treasure in heaven? Do you know whether you have anything in heaven? Why are you here if you don’t have anything in heaven? No wonder you use to beg and steal.

So this is our new food. Store all your treasure in heaven where no mud will enter and corrupt. When was the last time you took care for the poor and needy? Have you not been doing things your own way and as you like it? This is God's kingdom not Olumba’s, Calabar’s, Obu’s, or Nigerian kingdom where you do things as you like. This is the kingdom of God where Jehovah God and His Christ are charge.

So next time you hear somebody say my Father’s kingdom; this is nobody's kingdom here. This is the Kingdom which God brought for us. It is our Father’s kingdom. What is your qualification here? He chooses us gratis by His grace, hence we ought not to do things out of way in our own volition, but as directed by God. Those who love God must express God’s love. This is a kingdom of those who love God; they must express God's work with love. Gone are the days we use to cry and lament. No more lamination. Era of lamentation is gone and this is the era of joy because the kingdom of this world is now the kingdom of God and His Christ. Only love rules here, and when you have and express love for Him you will reign with Him.

How many are experiencing this joy? You do not experiencing the joy? It means your mind is divided. One mind says love God while the other one say love the world. God says you must have only one master. Those who chose God are bound to rejoice but those who love the world will one day suffer because all their wealth will vanish away, even the wife you claim to love will fail you, but if you love God you will never suffer any loss.

If your mind is divided where you love the world and want to love the Father; it’s not possible at all. Take a clue from Lot’s wife; remember what happened to her when they were told to quit the city of Sodom. That is always what happens to all those who love the world because the mundane things of this world have so darkened their minds and they will become blind, but if you love God with all your body and soul He cannot fail you.

When you look at all the good things He has been doing for us, He says we must show appreciation. When you appreciate Him, you will be abundantly blessed. Remember the three wise men; they were four, but what happened to the fourth one? Because he was procrastinating and he missed God’s blessing, but what about the three? God blessed them and their families.

Where He was born; how many knew where He was born? But the three wise men came from afar. That tells you that it does not matter where you are; when you do all do those things demanded by God you are recognized by Him.

Look at Brotherhood of the Cross and star, how many Calabar indigenes are here? But when it is time everybody in Calabar will be here. You see the three wise men came from afar.

God is here in Calabar but Calabar indigenes are busy worshiping idols. So, God have never forgotten His own people, when it is time they will come. Ask a typical Calabar man about Brotherhood of the cross and Star, he will tell you that is Olumba’s thing?

Brethren the Almighty God is here. He is the only one doing everything here not man. It is only the Holy Spirit that is doing everything here. If you see anybody who calls his or herself a member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star yet suffer, know that it is his or her negative lifestyle that affects him or her because there is no one who put the word of God into practice and suffer.

You see because of mundane thing you kill, do sacrifice and other related evil things, but I am telling you that at the end you will lose all and suffe; whereas all those who love God and practice His injunction can never suffer because all those wealth you went and acquired wrongly abound here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

God is here. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are here working and there is no way you can lose if you obey them because They will make the sky to be your springboard of blessings, but should you disobey and obey other things; take for instance what happened to the Jews as a result of disobedience.

Dear brethren, I am not going to be tedious with you let’s hear again our second lesson.


Second lesson: Romans 11:11

Remember the Jews how God save them from slavery but after being free they became enslaved to other gods just as we do here. Some people want to be governor and president and went and dabble into idolatries. Let me ask you, to be president and to be child of God which one do you prefer? You answer in affirmation because I went straight to the point, right? Ok, as a child of God you are blessed and all presidents are under you as your servants.

If through your mistake you fall out of this kingdom that is your business because if your love is only for Him you have no time for the world and you are saved. But if you love Him and on the other hand you love the world you are a hypocrite and all you possession will vanish, whereas God will never forsake you.

When you love him wholeheartedly, those things you are looking for in the world abound here and will be given to you. There is one sheepfold under one shepherd, the Almighty God here. We are under Him and we do not look elsewhere but unto Him because He is equal to the task.

As you can see He is manifesting to different people in different parts of the world. I can recall one man who came here from Zaire for the Father to bless his political carrier. He said he had a dream and saw how the throne of his community chief was decorated with O.O.O. So one day somebody from Brotherhood of the cross and Star went and preached to him about this kingdom and he immediately recalled that dream and confirmed that God is in here in Brotherhood of the cross and Star and ordered all his people to baptize. If you are a child of love who loves God, God will surely direct you to where He is.

This love is so intense, hence He declared that if you love your mother or father or anything other than Him you are not worthy of Him.

Dear brethren, let us hear our golden text once again


Golden text: Matthew 10: 37

See what is happening today, you love your child more than Brotherhood of the cross and star. Look at all the care you bestowed on your child, but treated Brotherhood of the Cross and Star with a pinch of salt. Is it not that child you so much cared for now calling you a witch and he or she is now attending the so called living church? There is no other living church but Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. So, you pay for it and today you live in a toilet without any care from the child.

He said you should not love any other thing than Him. When you have the love of God in your heart you don’t fight or riot for anything because the love of God won’t let you do so, you will only be living in perpetual joy.

Spiritual chorus: the Father is here His Holiness Olumba Obu the only one in charge.

Do you know how this gospel is going to end? It ends with a promotion. The interpreter sister Nkoyo Ekpenyong has been promoted. She is now a (TCW) true Christ witness.

With that promotion I am stepping down. A stroke of cane is enough for the wise, let those who have ears hear. May He alone, I say may He alone bless His Holy words.


Thank you Father.


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His Holiness the King of kings and Lord of lords, has told humanity that the only solution to the present global quagmire is God's divine intervention. The King of kings dropped this hint during the divine service on Sunday 24/05/09 at the World HQ, 34 Ambo st. Calabar. For more see July Edition of The New Kingdom Trumpet