Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

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The New Songs


 TITLE  Please select the Play button below:
 1 I will seek your face

 2 Iron Rod Ruler
 3 Thy Power Olumba
 4 Ya Nka
 5 First step
 6 Akpaniko  
 7 All eyes have seen him
 8 Angels are marching  
 9 Beyen beyen
 10 Communicate with Olumba
 11 Bell of joy
 12 Clean our heart
 13 Da isong yene
 14 Didise/judge not
 15 Dunghori  
 16 Edomites rejoice
 17 Everybody call Him
 18 Ewong edi
 19 Follow the narrow way
 20 Forever Amen
 21 Fulfillment  
 22 Holy Ghost fire
 23 Izonye  
 24 King of kings
 25 Menereying  
 26 M'owo Ekpono Ibok  
 27 Ntuno Itemke  
 28 Ofuri Nkpeyedobo  
 29  Okposong odudu
 30  Olumba has conquered
 31  Our God is capable  
 32 It's only peace and love  
 33  Reveal  
 34  Short way to the kingdom
 35  Stretch my hands
 36  Everybody testify  
 37  God of reconstruction  


Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 September 2009 21:26  


His Holiness the King of kings and Lord of lords, has told humanity that the only solution to the present global quagmire is God's divine intervention. The King of kings dropped this hint during the divine service on Sunday 24/05/09 at the World HQ, 34 Ambo st. Calabar. For more see July Edition of The New Kingdom Trumpet