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by BCS Online on Saturday, 15 September 2012 at 20:54 ·


My Dear Children,


I salute you all in the Name of Peace, I greet you in the spirit of joy and I pray the everlasting grace and blessings of God most high to be lavishly shared unto you all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

As you know, it is customary that I firstly ascribe all glories, all powers, all praise and thanks to our sovereign God, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe whose timely arrival on the earth in this dispensation has ushered in peace, mercy, boundless joy and the grace to awaken the conscience of every man for the purpose of repentance and the consequent inheritance of His salvation, In the Name and Blood of Our lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Today being the grand finale of the 43rd Anniversary celebration of the physical existence of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in the United States brings to a climax an incredibly moving period for the entire members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and all those who share our ideals and values as well as those whose hearts are filled with genuine love for God and for the brethren, In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

I am immensely grateful to Our Most Holy Father for safely gathering every one of you here from different locations both far and near to participate in this celebration filled with the manifold blessings of God ushered in by the physical presence of the Son of Man who is the way, the truth and the light.

While the children of this Kingdom relish in His favour and grace, it is undisputable that the world is in utter darkness, dejection, hopelessness and without a sense of direction.

The sightlessness of man and the add-on effects of languishing in destitution, adversity and misfortune are not in any way unconnected with the fact that true light has come into the world but man has rejected this saving radiance but has rather opted to be entangled in sin and abject disobedience.

Man’s disobedience is again clearly evident in the continuous attempts and inventiveness in his vain pursuit to discover the divine power of the Most High God and the force that makes and sustains the universe through material wisdom.

The results of such futile and vain search for God and His manifestation has always confounded man as man’s findings are and will continue to be deeply rooted in more complexity and mystification.

Thus confirming the popular maxim which is sometimes also used to describe God, which says; “The more you look, The less you will see”.

From time immemorial, this has been the singular problem besetting man; because man has always sought to identify, know and relate with God in the flesh. God is a Spirit and they that must worship Him will have to do so in spirit and in truth for the Father seeketh such to worship Him, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

It is pertinent for mankind to hastily come to terms with the fact that God is a mystery and the only way to unravel this divine mystery is through the power of pure love because love is the fundamental nature of the Almighty God.

As all the prophets and patriarchs of old, the apostles and Disciples of Christ inclined themselves towards the Spirit of the Almighty God and were well spoken of and are even used as points of references today, it is accordingly imperative for the children of God in this dispensation to mortify the deeds and members of their body through the spirit, for as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

The lack of love and man’s tenacity to disobey God is the indubitable explanation to the reason why the earthly structures are today crumbling, it is also the obvious cause why man made laws and kingdoms are fading, economic models and policies are worsening, government and political formations are failing, values and norms are decaying, societal peace and communal existences are threatened and fast disappearing, with wars and restiveness on the increase and of course the observable volatility and intolerance across diverse religion.

This sorry state of man is only indicative of the emergence and gradual ascendancy of the Theocratic Government and the reign of Jehovah God and His Christ.

It is in the light of the forgone and also the consummation of His faithful promises that the personified spirit of truth in Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has brought down to man this unique and a divine kingdom with its foundation smeared with the precious blood of the Christ which dripped on the Calvary tree seeing that man and the entire creation is at the brink of destruction.

Children of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star were very privileged to be witnesses to the formal inauguration of the Theocratic Government of God on earth during the recently celebrated Abba Father event. Many had prayed and wished to see the day when the God of Heaven in the person of His dear Son would physically establish His righteous government on the earth.

Out of grace and love the government of the all-conquering God was presented to you; He is the Victorious God and He is the vanquisher. As I speak right now, His name Abba Father Olumba Olumba Obu is reigning in the heavens, it is reigning here on earth, the angels tremble at the mention of this name. The name Abba Father has been displayed in the hades, Atlantis, it is boldly written in the sun, in the moon and in all the stars.

Through the celebration of that most revered event, the Father has signposted this powerful name in the centre of all occultic and evil gatherings of man throughout the universe that He may bring to ruin all the works of darkness, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Chriist, Amen.

The Unified Universal Theocracy is the Government of the only true and living God; various systems purporting to be the Government of God did emerge and failed hurriedly because it was not written about them. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon His shoulders His name shall be called wonderful, counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the prince of perfect peace, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Today, your joy is boundless for the fact that you are all very fortunate to be partakers of His divine grace. His clarion call met all of you at diverse instances bringing you all into His marvellous light which the world cannot receive, and because your respective destinies were closely knitted and secured to His throne, no man or spirit can pluck anyone of you out of His mighty hands because you all are the covenant children.

However, you are quite aware of the weight of responsibility that rests upon your shoulders. The current plights of man and your commission to co-labour with the Father in salvaging the dying world have so unfolded that the gospel of faith and the furtherance of the work of Christ may not suffer.

For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake, that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and in all judgement, approving things that are excellent and that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ.

Of a truth I say unto you that this is no time for frivolities, pettiness or immaturity for the time cometh and the time is also very near when the Lord of the vineyard shall demand from every one of you an account of your stewardship.

As you celebrate this 43rd Anniversary, it is crucial that an assembly of this nature should offer you the platform to effectively assess and critically evaluate your achievements and successes or failures as the case maybe.

An event of this scale should not just be a jamboree or fanfare but the spiritual perspective should be intensely magnified. It is a period that calls for a profound sombre reflection on your 43 years journey. With fasting and prayers you should also be able to place your expectations and your work on a spiritual balance to discern whether you are truly working for God or you are working against the light.

It is rather pathetic that while a number of you seem to have some understanding of your calling and the accompanying responsibilities, a good number of you are also hard of hearing and understanding of the Holy Spirit and are operating on the reverse line of action.

Is this not the reason why some of you deliberately retire to the luxury of your homes, while some of you ridiculously and futilely struggle to create empires for yourselves with the wish that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star will fail. So many people with similar intention and plans tried this in times gone by and they woefully failed because the truth remains that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star was NOT made to fail, I say it will never fail but the carnal man will only continue to reap what he sows.

Nevertheless, there are a few of you who have tried to excel and have made impressive moves to ensure that your calling and responsibilities as a child of the New World are kept alive; this is shown in the purposeful, visionary, committed and relentless efforts in your respective domains and you can be assured that God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love.

Equally, some of you are not able to decipher the essence of your calling into this ark of salvation, and the obvious results of this dangling and misplaced understanding of your roles are accordingly manifest in excessive control in your areas, usurpation of authority, general disunity and disorderliness coupled with misappropriation of funds, non-remittance of the Father’s tithe proceeds and other negative manifestations too numerous to mention.

Regardless of any position you may hold in this kingdom, it is expected of all to evangelise and win souls for the salvation of God.

Today the disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ are referenced because of their unmitigated determination and steadfastness in the charge and commission laid down for them by their Lord and Master. He said unto Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, follow me and I will make you fishers of men...... and they did as He commanded them. He went on to charge them saying ....... go ye into the world and make all nations My disciples baptising them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe whatsoever things I have commanded you for I will be with you always even unto the end of time.

How many men have you called to the light of God, how many people have you fetched for God? How many souls have received liberty through your ministration? The answer is obvious, because you have been overwhelmed by the cares of this world. Greed, materialism, envy, rancour, heresies, pride, arrogance, drunkenness, fornication, strife, revelling, adultery, hatred and such like attitudes have blinded your eyes, deafened your ears and hardened your heart that you may not realise and become conscious of your primary calling and the essence of your service to God.

How can you lead, teach and reprove the flock of God when you are submerged in iniquity, the scripture confirms this when it said, because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. And even when you make the attempt to embark on evangelism, you limit yourselves to Nigerian community or African clusters, is BCS a Nigerian affairs?

Are you not today wallowing in diabolic practices, serving two masters and eating from two tables, some are leaders of gangs of confusion in out stations and some even come to the world headquarters to rub shoulders with the Father.

Most of you want to be worshiped and feared; you command and order members about as if you own their life. I ask, do your indulgence in these behaviours reflect the essence of your calling? Does it also in anyway mirror the principles and ideologies which Brotherhood of the Cross and Star represents?

From the physical inception of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star till date, has there been any time in history where our Holy Father has taught us to embrace such vices as I have highlighted above?

These and many more are the reasons why the world continues to blaspheme and say all manner of derogatory things against the Father and His Christ.

I am very much aware of many of you who take delight in challenging my authority. The cohorts which you have also formed to speak evil of my person and campaign to lead other elects of God away from the path of salvation is also known to me.

But this I declare unto you, and not just America but this declaration should be sent to the entire universe, that whoever speaks blasphemy of the Son of Man has been rejected by My Father, such a person has also been rejected by the Son and forbidden by the Holy Spirit, the heavens have also rejected such people, they are equally rejected by the earth.

The sun, moon, stars will reject you, the seas and the oceans will reject you, forest and dry lands will reject you, hades and every other planes will reject you, I say death and life will reject you, ghosts, angels, spirits, human, plants and animals will all reject you because you have made yourself accursed by your words and deeds, and you can never crucify the Son of Man the second time because He is reigning in victory, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. I stand in the realm of perfect and absolute authority to declare that all the opposers of God’s will and all those who would not that the Son of Man rule over them have already been brought under the judgement of God; the words which my Father and I have spoken unto you, your deeds and your works shall be your judge.

Some of you claim to be my friends, some say they are my brothers and sisters; let Me be clear to you that My friends and My brothers and sisters are only those who do the will of My Father. These are they whose hearts are filled with humility, kindness and love. How can you be a friend of God when your heart is filled with pride and you arrogantly claim that projects in bethels or the nation as a whole will not succeed without your involvement? How can you be My brother and sister when you have no regards and respect for the Office of the Christ of God and have no love for the brethren? Henceforth every claim should be supported with sincere and honest service, and with pure knowledge that stems from above else such claims are worthless, fruitless and meaningless for our God is no respecter of persons, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Is it also not becoming a common place attribute among you to disobey and openly challenge or work against your assigned missionaries, every admonition by Me on this matter particularly seem to be falling on deaf ears. You claim to know better than them and treat them with ignominy and dishonour, you have no regards for their privacy and you are quick to forget that My missionaries have all been called, dedicated and assigned a duty to minister the word of God unto the brethren and give you the necessary spiritual and physical guidance? Therefore I want to remind that whatsoever you do to those sent in My name is done not unto them but directly unto Me.

The eye and lip services rendered by most of you is pitiable because there are some gathered here who prior to the Father’s physical arrival in the United States of America has not shown up in neither service nor fellowship meetings but are here today to pay eye and lip service to the Father. It is true that there is no blessing for such people, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

The fundamental reason that has led the Father to physically grace this event is to announce to you all that time has come for BCS AMERICA TO GROW. The absence of improvement and the fact that members have resigned to accept that the current condition is good enough has necessitated My physical presence here to say that BCS America still has a very long way to go in terms of spiritual growth, infrastructural development, visionary and dynamic administration as well as general sense of organisation. You cannot claim ignorance of the fact that other countries of the world that witnessed the physical establishment of BCS much later than you did have today recorded tremendous growth.

Till date we are still struggling with the regularisation of our legal status in the country. I have since advised that the relevant officers should work diligently to ensure that the individual registration of BCS bethels across various states of America is corrected such that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in the USA will have a single and a unified registration that covers all BCS formation throughout the nation.




Last Updated on Thursday, 19 December 2013 22:42


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Distinguished children of God,
Let My profound peace and blessings of the new year be with you all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Today is the first day in the first month of the year 2010 into which The Almighty Hands of The Father has graciously ushered you all not as a result of your works of righteousness or merit but resulting from His love and concern for you.
The year 2010 is the tenth year heralding the exceptional leadership and reign of The Holy Father through the image of His Son unto whom have been committed all judgement.
Today we are privileged to sing hallelujah in the Kingdom flourishing with peace, love and joy. The previous years no doubt had their negative and positive peculiarities which are inevitably the outcome of His judgement which is on daily basis gaining grounds since the revelation of The Son of Man.
The year 2010, naturally is peculiar in its own degree and is purposed to manifest in higher essence, the unfolding of God’s rulership. My message to all and sundry towards the end of 2009 centered on purity, endurance, forebearance, forgiveness, abstinence from idolatory, anger, envy and the like. In these constitute the key to the Kingdom of God. To crown it all, you were warned to abstain completely from evil so that the world will not have what to say against The Father and the BCS.
Therefore My desire is for you to believe and practice the word of God and receive the salvation of your soul and be blessed with the secondary things of life for the aftermath of disobedience is nothing to contend with. But the fact remains that man in his perverse nature is often given to doing that which he thinks best for himself even after having received the truth; therefore I am aware that notwithstanding all the preachings of last year and the ceaseless call for repentance from evil, that some are still bent in their evil way but unfortunately, the year 2010 is a year with a difference in that those persistent in disobedience and who have made up their mind never to forgive or do away with anger and wickedness to their fellowmen will surely receive the reward of disobedience.
Early this morning, I told you that I have out of My love for you let open the door way to the storehouse of My everlasting peace, joy, glory, riches and prosperity and I desire that you should stand up in faith and walk in purity, forebearance, love, honesty and righteousness to possess all that you desire for yourself this year. But the problem is, can you forsake sin especially malice, anger and other vices as to gain the glory before you? Do not forget that The Great Prophet Moses saw the Promised Land but anger deprived him from entering therein. In like manner many of you have seen this Kingdom and more to that, you have been brought to the gates of the overflowing peace and prosperity of the New Year but the unbelief, faithlessness and refusal to forgive others, refrain form anger, hate, envy and wickedness will surely debar you from entering to receive what you desire. The year 2010 will find many in unimaginable glorious conditions just as it will equally find many under unanticipated miserable conditions because the Hands of God is out to ensure here and outside.
Beloved brethren, these things have been reiterated to you before so I will waste no more time on that but be reminded that out of My compassion for mankind, those of you here and man generally have been given the spiritual compass which is the word of life that is capable of leading everyone to whatever height or place or position they desire.
It should be stated that the irony is that those persistent in filthiness will have no ticket to receive anything good. Therefore, My children be zealous in good works so that you be counted worthy to receive My peace and joy which the world cannot give.
In that regard, believe that in as much as you maintain a pure and undefiled heart and have decided to forgive your offenders and do away with anger and serve God selflessly, believe that all your problems and sorrows have gone with the year 2009 and 2010 has ushered in everlasting joy, peace, hope, and laughter into your lives in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let My peace and blessings be with you all and the entire world now and forevermore, Amen.
Thank You Father.
His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu
The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords
Chairman BCS Executive Council/Head of Administration
Last Updated on Thursday, 19 December 2013 22:43

Visa: Product of lack of love

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"... Lack of love which results in a lack of trust among nations makes people to have a visa before travelling to another country. When the entire world will love one another, there will be no need of visa before one travels to another country. Because of the lack of love, many people say they can live alone. No one can survive alone. Even God the creator is not alone. He is the God of majority. He has many children ..." Father Olumba - culled from The Kingdom Trumpet - Dec. 2009 Edition

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 December 2013 22:44

McCartney urges 'meat-free days' to tackle climate change

Chargrilled asparagus and lemon tart – that's the vegetarian menu for a glamorous cast of musicians, actors, writers and artists starting a mass movement today to limit meat eating and combat climate change.
With his daughters, Stella and Mary, Sir Paul McCartney is behind Meat Free Monday, which aims to persuade people to go veggie once a week to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the world's livestock, among the most serious contributors to global warming.

"We should care about climate change because if we don't, we are going to leave our children and their children in a hell of a mess," Sir Paul told The Independent, which has been given exclusive details of the launch.

The McCartneys have attracted support from across the worlds of showbusiness, science, business and the environment. The singer Chris Martin, Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey and Woody Harrelson, actress Joanna Lumley and Sir Richard Branson are advocating meat-free Mondays.

Support has also come from comedians Ricky Gervais, David Walliams and Matt Lucas, the poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman.

Another supporter, Sir David King, the Government's former chief scientist, said: "The carbon and water footprints associated with producing beef are about 20 times larger than maize production. Eating less meat will help the environment."

The UN and Britain are concerned about the environmental impact of livestock, although the Government has shied away from urging people to eat less meat. Vast swathes of the Amazon rainforest are being cut down to make way for cattle ranches and to grow soy for feed. Belching from cows emits vast amounts of methane, which has 21 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, meat is responsible for 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than transport's 13 per cent. Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has suggested one vegetarian day a week.

Sir Paul, a life-long vegetarian, said: "Many of us feel helpless in the face of environmental challenges, and it can be hard to know how to sort through the advice about what we can do to make a meaningful contribution to a cleaner, more sustainable, healthier world. Having one designated meat-free day a week is a meaningful change that everyone can make, that goes to the heart of several important political, environmental and ethical issues all at once."

Kelly Osbourne, Laura Bailey, Sharleen Spiteri and Zac Goldsmith, and more than 40 other celebrities will launch the campaign at Inn the Park in St James's Park, central London.

To make vegetarianism a more practical choice, the chefs Oliver Peyton, Giorgio Locatelli, Skye Gyngell and Arthur Potts Dawson are starting meat-free menus beside their usual ones on Mondays. The food writers Nigel Slater and Mark Hix have written recipes for the website, Stella McCartney, also a life-long vegetarian, said: "Whether you eat meat or not, you can be part of this decision to limit the meat industry destroying our planet's resources." Her elder sister, Mary, described the change as "an achievable goal."

Sir Paul, who has enlisted the support of George Harrison's widow, Olivia, denied he was using the environment to opportunistically support his vegetarianism. "We didn't start this idea," he said. "It was suggested in a report by the United Nations, who are presumably non-vegetarian. It would be a lot easier to not do this but the link has been established by many scientists and authorities on the subject and it seems wrong to simply ignore it. The issue won't go away."

Carnal knowledge The meat industry

*Meat is a "major stressor" on the world's ecosystems, according to a UN report

*Meat makes 1.4 per cent of global GDP but 18 per cent of greenhouse gases

*Forty calories of fossil fuel energy go into producing a calorie of beef, but 2.2 calories for one calorie of plant protein

*Livestock production uses 8 per cent of the world's fresh water

*One billion people are overweight, mostly in the West, where meat consumption is higher. Vegetarians tend to be slimmer

*The World Cancer Research Fund recommends eating 500g red meat a week

Source: United Nations, Meat Free Monday
 - Culled from the Independent 15/06/2009


Meat Free Monday: What its supporters say

'This is something anyone can do, it is a tiny thing with a huge impact. MFM is about us all taking control of the environment we live in for the generations to come. Whether you eat meat or not you can be part of this decision to limit the meat industry destroying our planet's resources.' Stella McCartney, fashion designer

"I love eating meat, but I love our planet even more, so I will join this campaign and stop eating meat at least one day a week." Sir Richard Branson, businessman

“A lot of people are frustrated thinking there is nothing that they can do to change things, but this is something they can do to change things. This is about the environment, so this is about us. Lets do this.” Benjamin Zephaniah, poet

“It takes a lot more land and a lot more water to grow a pound of animal protein, then it does a pound of vegetable protein”. Katherine Hamnett, designer

"Although I am not a vegetarian I support Meat Free Monday because as a society we have no choice but to eat less meat in order to protect our ecology and environment. We can still enjoy meat as an occasional treat and from animals that are well-treated and farmed in a sustainable way." Monty Don, TV presenter, writer and speaker on horticulture

"If everyone stopped eating meat every Monday it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 200 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and save tens of millions of hectares of rainforest from being destroyed to grow animal feed. The health benefits are a nice bonus, too." Craig Sams, green entrepreneur

“I think we should all be made aware of how much meat we put into our bodies and the effect that has on the environment. Cutting back on the amount of meat we eat is a good thing, and if it helps the environment then it must be!” Sharleen Spiteri, musician

"In the unlikely event you do miss eating meat just one day a week, your body and the planet won't. Do yourself and the environment a favour." Olivia Harrison, widow of George Harrison

“Just see how easy it will be not to eat meat for one day a week. Just think how the world will benefit from fewer trees being cut to make way for grazing animals. Just imagine how many lives, both animal and human, you will help to save: and join the fab Paul McCartney and millions more, including me, in making Monday a Meat Free day.” Joanna Lumley, actress

"Meat free Monday highlights the importance of sensible and healthy eating - something that's core to your survival. I'm in no doubt that the world would be an infinitely better place to live if we all stopped eating meat. This is a great initiative." John Frieda, hairdresser

"A meat free Monday is a simple and effective way to involve people in helping their environment and also helping themselves to a healthier lifestyle." Siouxsie Sioux, musician

"I first went to the Arctic in 1982, since that time there is one third less pack ice which is a very scary situation. I am happy to support any initative that can help us slow down climate change". David Hempleman-Adams, explorer

- Culled from The Independent 15/06/09

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His Holiness the King of kings and Lord of lords, has told humanity that the only solution to the present global quagmire is God's divine intervention. The King of kings dropped this hint during the divine service on Sunday 24/05/09 at the World HQ, 34 Ambo st. Calabar. For more see July Edition of The New Kingdom Trumpet